Don't give up. Not ever. Not for one single day. Be safe if you can be. But always be amazing.

Adopting A Spoop

AJ also creates the cutest spoops you have ever seen. My daughter saw the ghost and knew she had to get one as a gift for her sister. And when she got her ghost, she displayed it proudly next to the little bag of candy corn that AJ’s note directed we feed it. 🙂 

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Dream Big, Princess

Victoria Arlen’s story made me cry. The opening line of that video is

What if you had a second chance at life? What dreams would you make come true?

And it so resonated with me and made me stop to think about my second chance at life and how I am making my dreams come true.

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Tilt Shift

Joy would have been 13 yesterday. Time is such a strange thing. An eternity can be experienced in a moment--and a moment can last forever, frozen, always ever present in the front of us and behind us and around us and it can feel like was are caught in it and we can...

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That deep and lovely dark. We’d never see the stars without it..




After surviving a deadly case of bacterial meningitis that left me partially paralyzed and unable to walk, I continue to find it incredible that experiencing death is what taught me the most about truly living.

This is where I write about it.