So we’re big fans of all-around-awesome-guy, AJ Locascio. He is a voice actor, and since we have a voice actor in the family, we are much more appreciative of his unique talents than we would be otherwise.

But, AJ is more than the voice of Lotor on one of our favorite television series, Voltron.

He is a creator with a big heart. He not only creates with his voice, bringing characters to life, but he also is very talented in other media.

My kids have been more inspired to create things since following AJ than they have since their sister died. AJ tackles life with abandon, using his talent to, for example, decorate his apartment in a spooky medieval haunted castle motif.

Just for fun.

AJ also creates the cutest spoops you have ever seen. My daughter saw the ghost and knew she had to get one as a gift for her sister. And when her sister got her ghost, she showed it off on a shelf next to the little bag of candy corn that AJ’s note directed we feed it. 🙂

I don’t know. There was just something about those little spoops that made my kids smile every time they looked at them–and made them feel happy.

Unfortunately, our dog decided to try and eat her spoop after our three year old climbed up and got the little ghost and gave it to the puppy. Those two are great together.

The dog tried to take a bite, and left a little nick in it. We were pretty sad, but I decided to reach out to AJ and see if he would be able to make a replacement spoop (the spoops had sold out).

I told him what happened and he wrote back and said he would, no problem. A little while later, we got our new spoop with a note from AJ reminding us that spoops need to keep away from dogs. It was so…personal and sweet to do for my children.

Cozi with her new spoop friend, Tay. They are so dang cute!

It was a little thing, but my kids were just so touched that one of their heroes would take the time to do this for us. Just proving once again how great he is. His creations are so devoid of self-consciousness–it just seems that he creates for the joy of creating.

My kids have learned that from him–to create for joy. They had struggled with that previously. They just couldn’t let go and just be joyful.

I find it so beautiful that his art has helped them to heal through losing their sister and almost losing me. And he doesn’t know how much of a difference he’s made for them, but he has.

Other awesome spoops!

His store opens again tomorrow for a limited time with the cutest spoops you’ve ever seen. If you love cuteness and whimsy and Halloween and awesome artists who have big hearts, then you need to snag one at his Etsy store in the morning, before they’re gone!