When we moved into this home, the previous tenants had left some dishes. Here is an email I sent to my husband regarding bowls…kind of gives you an inside view of the antics he has to put up with on a daily basis. He lovingly refers to it as “whimsy.” This is why I love John.

My Dearest John,

Recently, I have been pondering and thinking about the fantastical bowls that we discovered in this home when we moved. As I have contemplated moving and leaving them behind, I must confess that my heart has been full of a sense of foreboding–perhaps even dread.

In quiet moments as I am enjoying a generous portion of non-dairy, raw, vegan queso dip out of these dishes, I sometimes wonder if they possess magical powers.

Think about it.

It is true that we have used them for months and they have not been broken.

They seem to be able to contain a nearly unlimited portion of stir fry noodles. (Perfect for a ninja like you.)

A Bowl Fit For A Ninja Like You

a bowl fit for a ninja like you

Cereal never appears to spill out of them.

It seems almost as if they are from another world. A better world.

And here is where I must be absolutely honest with you. I profess that indeed,  I love them.

I love how deep they are.

I love that they are stoneware.

I love that they feel like they would be perfectly at home in the Weasley’s house, in a cottage in Ireland, or in a Tolnedran hostel**.

These Bowls Would Be At Home Here

these bowls would be at home here

I love that they are so very versatile: cereal or spaghetti, soup or ice cream, they never fail to please me.

Never before in my life have I loved a bowl the way I love these.

And tonight, it just struck me how empty our lives would be without this stoneware. We would only be left with the Ikea bowls that no one really likes. You know, the ones that break all the time?

They are crooked and break all the time.

these are crooked and break all the time

So, on a whim, I did some  painstaking research* and discovered the origin of these wonderful bowls.

They were once sold inside Target stores. But now, in some tragic turn of events, they are only to be found online in the Target clearance section, which means they are almost extinct!

Trying to steel myself from panicking, I took deep breaths and contemplated what you would want me to do.

I recalled the many times you have scooped up some delicious Blue Bell and smiled as you put it into the deep and roomy recesses of these beautiful bowls, and how happy you were when, not only did the ice cream fit quite nicely, but it stayed cold for a while, and also looked beautiful as you ate it.

Fits Snugly Inside The Ninja Bowl! No Spillage!

fits snugly inside the ninja bowl! no spillage!

I thought about the nights of bibimbap and how all the toppings to our rice and meat fit so nicely in the stoneware without spillage.

And I acted.

At first, I only decided to buy eight, but then I remembered that we have lots of children, and these bowls were going extinct.

I know! Devastating! But don’t worry.

I decided to buy 16.

They were $50. (Normally, they would have been $80. So I saved lots of money.)

And really, can you put a price on magical ninja bowls?

I know what you are thinking, but I am no hero.

I am just an average girl, doing what anyone would do in this situation. I just reacted quickly, acting mostly on instinct because that’s just the kind of girl I am.

No need to thank me. (But if you would like to show your gratitude, you know where to find me… 😉 )

And, thank you for rearranging the budget to allow for this special, once in a lifetime experience.

Love, Misty

**A nerdy reference to a fantasy novel I read growing up.

*By painstaking research, I googled “room essentials bowl”. It was tough.