I am so enjoying Disney’s #DreamBigPrincess campaign this October. It’s an amazing look at some trailblazing women and it’s very inspiring.

Most Of My Princesses

Victoria Arlen’s story really hit home with me. The opening line of that video is

What if you had a second chance at life? What dreams would you make come true?

It so resonated with me and made me stop to think about my second chance at life and how I am making my dreams come true.

I have been feeling a little inadequate lately.

I have seen so many people taking a stand against the evils that have been perpetrated against women–I have seen so many people crying out against assault, subjugation and abuses against women–and I have felt like I’m not doing enough for my sisters in arms.

But then I found this campaign. And I realized that I am fighting.

In all the stories I watched that Disney put together with the help of some very amazing young women, I realized they all had one thing in common.

They were fighting for something.

They weren’t fighting against things.

And I know some people might think it’s just semantics, but I believe (probably because I am a writer), like Edward Bulwer-Lytton, that the pen is mightier than the sword…that the right words can change the world. And I believe that as women, my girls and I need to have the attitude of fighting for things instead of against them.

We fight for all people to have basic human rights.

We fight for a culture that celebrates healthy sexuality, instead of fighting against porn and a sexually dysfunctional society.

We fight for a society that would respect all human beings, instead of fighting against misogyny, bigotry or prejudice.

Perhaps I’ve struggled with this because I have boys and I don’t want there to be a divide between my girls and my boys, because I think that can happen when we decide to be against something.

When I find that I am against something I tend to become myopic and sometimes negative. I can also tend to become harsh toward a whole group of people, because being against something seems to focus on the hurts and pains and negatives perpetrated by the enemy. 

When I decide to reframe my thinking as being for something, I am way more open and more positive. I reach out to educate and inspire rather than decimate and destroy. I don’t spend as much time thinking about what is wrong, but instead, focus on the things that can get better, the world I want to create for all people.

If we want a world of peace and respect, the best way to begin is by being the embodiment of peace and respect. A wise man of peace once said, “An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.”

And, I think in a world of peace, we have the best chance and hope to dream big.

And what all these women had in common–these great, trailblazing, amazing women–is peace. It is obvious that all of them have “made peace with their own broken pieces,” in order to fight for hope. For freedom. For greatness.

I struggled with his for such a long time.

For the first two years after being partially paralyzed, I was fighting against my brain damage, and against my body, instead of making peace with my broken pieces.

That “righteous anger” energized me, but the anger couldn’t carry me forever.

I came to realize that the anger was powerful, like a running river, but love and courage were powerful like an ocean–a tsunami of power that dwarfed the power of anger….

It was only when I changed my attitude to fight for my body and my mind instead of against it, that I have been able to really see my dreams beginning to coalesce into a reality that is even greater than I could have ever imagined.

I want to tell you a secret that will see you through all the trials that life can offer. Have courage, and be kind… Where there is kindness, there is goodness. And where there is goodness, there is magic.

That’s what I learned, and that’s what these women embody.

A power through goodness that dwarfs all other powers that would fight against things rather than for things.

My Little Princess, Dreaming Big.

Let’s keep dreaming. And dreaming big!

Dream Big, Princess Global Video Series | Disney

“It was either keep dreaming or give up. So I decided to keep dreaming.” –Victoria Arlen, Paralympic Gold Medalist