I’ve talked before about our Robinson Curriculum Vocabulary Packets.  Below is a sample vocabulary packet using the word lists from Josephine Pollard’s Life of George Washington.  This list is for use as a sample only, so you can see what we include.  We laminate the word meanings and matching game so they will last through other children.

You can order the vocabulary word lists for Robinson at Robinson Books Online, or order the curriculum and the entire word list is contained on the CDs.

Sample Vocabulary Packet: The Life of George Washington

In the style of Robinson Curriculum, I have created some word list samples from the Book of Mormon, as well as some sample matching games, etcetera.  I no longer do the flashcards, as the Vocabulary Word Maps are much better for retaining the vocabulary for my children. This can give you an idea of what you can do using the Robinson method and applying to the scriptures:

Book of Mormon Introduction, Title Page and Testimonies Vocabulary Flashcards

1 Nephi Chapter 1 Vocabulary Worksheets

Writing Ideas

We have implemented daily writing assignments in different ways over the years, but here are some examples of what we have done:

Example #1 Daily Writing Assignments

  • Monday: Family Home Evening Talk
  • Tuesday: Whatever you want
  • Wednesday: General Conference Talk Report
  • Thursday: Letter or Creative Writing
  • Friday: Report on What You Are Reading

Example #2 Daily Writing Assignments

Daily Writing Assignment Sheet for the Week