We often incorporate spiritual learning into our day, and sometimes, it’s even a bit formal.  Actually, to be honest, we usually have one day a week when the formal writing hour is used to write about something gospel related.

For those who don’t homeschool, this is a perfect Sunday afternoon activity for the older children, so they can stear clear of becoming idle or doing things that aren’t really as Sabbath friendly.

I can’t believe how much I learn when I make these quizzes (or study guides)–they are definitely of benefit not only to the children, but to me.  Included are two samples from older General Conference talks, and some from the most recent General Conference.  All files are in pdf format.

Conference Quizzes/Study Guides

April 2006: An Outpouring of Blessings, Julie B. Beck

April 2006: To Act For Ourselves, Elder Robert D. Hales

October 2012: Be Anxiously Engaged, Elder Russell M. Ballard

October 2012: The First Great Commandment, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Conference Copywork

October 2012 General Conference Copywork Packet

October 2012 General Conference Trace and Write Copywork Packet


Watch The Youth Highlights Videos Together

Ideas For Reviewing Conference With Younger Children

  • Utilize the church’s “Conference Story Index” and review conference with the younger children through the stories told there.  This really works with even three year olds (as long as the story is paraphrased and brief!) .
  • Watch the highlights from individual talks on video together, even with the little ones.  Point out who is speaking so they can learn to recognize the apostles and prophets.  These videos are no longer than two minutes–great for little ones.
  • Print coloring pages that go along with conference talks.
  • Have children share a quote from the copywork packet before Family Home Evening or during scripture study time.
  • Choose a quote from General Conference as a theme for the family and repeat it throughout the six months, even memorizing it.  The little ones can also memorize quite easily if given the chance.  Explain what unusual or difficult words mean.
  • Choose to sing songs that reinforce themes from the current General Conference

Further Ideas/Samples For Conference Review With Younger Children:

October 2012 “What Shall A Man Exchange For His Soul?” Robert C. Gay

  • Tell the story about the Robert and the nickel.  Talk about the gospel principle from the story.
  • Invite the children to act based on what the Spirit prompted them to do when hearing the story.
  • Show the children a nickel.  Explain how much it was worth in the “olden days”.  If needed, explain what a nickel actually is.
  • Make a coloring page using this image of a nickel.  There is also an image of the back here.
  • If you were feeling really ambitious, you could print the image on grey cardstock and have them cut it out instead and hang it on their wall for a week or so to remember the story.

October 2012 “Becoming A True Disciple” Daniel L. Johnson

  • Show the children some fruit from trees (whatever they like best–they can eat it during or after the lesson).
  • Show the children a map of where Colonia Juárez Chihuahua is in relation to where they are.
  • Tell the story of the destroyed fruit crop and the people who went to the temple.
  • Talk about the principle exhibited in the story and tell what the Spirit has prompted you to do after hearing the story.
  • Give the children a picture of the Colonia Juárez Chihuahua Temple to hang in their room or on the fridge or somewhere where they can see it to remember the story.