I watched a short film today about what appeared at first to be an insane person who was riding a bike on the ridge of this cliff and he climbed up a pinnacle with his bike–literally into the clouds. It was seriously insane.

Don’t get me wrong. There were some parts that looked like, “Wow. That would be fun.” But mostly, it looked like he might be crazy.

And then I kept watching, and I realized he wasn’t crazy.

He just saw a path where others saw none.

It was as clear to him as the path outside my front door.

And no one else can see it.

And I thought about myself, because sometimes I think maybe I am crazy.

And sometimes other people tell me that they think I may be crazy.

And it’s not insanity. It’s just seeing a path that no one else can see.

I have seen that path lit up before me for as long as I can remember being on this planet earth, and I have followed it, even though sometimes no one else could see.

Sometimes, I think the path looks pleasant and everyone approves. And sometimes the path is a little harder to see, and other people may not understand because they don’t see it. That’s where I get to use the light of faith to make it brighter, and I can do just fine.

Even when it looks like I am crazy.

I think all the dreamers and the people who try to really, truly live have paths only they can see. I think it’s part of what can make us great–the following it even when it seems insanely difficult or impossible.

And somehow, we do make it.

So, here’s to all of you who are on the cliff and are going faster than you think may be safe and you are climbing up the face of the rock carrying your burdens and your joys–here’s to you for staying on the path that no one else can see, even if they think you’re crazy.

Try not to worry too much when it gets a little scary. If it is your True Path, then Heaven will not let you fall.

Danny Macaskill, Inaccessible Pinnacle

And in the midst of the crazy, don’t forget to stand up on that pinnacle and take in the amazing view. It is something only those who follow the unseen-to-others paths can see.

In the end, we will all end up Home, somewhere just as beautiful as the Island of Skye. And we will look back and everyone will see all the paths and how they crisscrossed and meandered in and around and through each other and how it was all meant to be and how none of us were crazy, we were just…visionary. And faithful. And true.

And hopefully, in the end, we can also all have Scottish accents.