It’s so fun to find out the difference between the literary character you feel most like as compared to what your family feels that you are like.  For example, here are the characters I have always fancied that I am most like:

1. Miss Melanie from Gone With The Wind.  With her charitable heart, and longsuffering kindness, her sweetness was what I told myself was certainly part of my personality…(Plus, I just love Olivia de Havilland)

2. Miss Marianne, Sense and Sensibility.  Shakespeare, being rescued by a handsome man on horseback, being overcome with love…a generous heart and motivated by fun.  Yes, I think I could relate to Miss Marianne.  Especially when she ends up with Colonel Brandon.

3. Lucie Manette, A Tale of Two Cities.  I felt that my compassionate heart and hers resonated and if I had a father like Dr. Manette, I would love him back to life just as she would.

4. Eponine, Les Miserables.  More a reflection of my teen years, always falling for a guy who liked someone else already but who thought we could be “great friends.”

5. Belle, from A Christmas Carol.  Sweet, patient, but not a victim.

6. Princess Aurora, from Sleeping Beauty…I have sung in the past to the delight of birds and squirrels (although I am not fond of racoons…they are beastly creatures that scare me), and I did have blonde hair…I also thought that Prince Phillip would find me as charming and kind as Briar Rose.  Also, when faced with a spinning wheel, the first thing I would do is prick myself.  I also like to sleep a lot (200+ years nonstop actually sounds like how much I would like to at this point), and sometimes the only thing that can wake me up is indeed true love’s kiss.

However, in reality–and this, I am sure is MUCH more accurate, here are the literary characters whom I most resemble according to my family.

1. Scarlett O’Hara, Gone With The Wind.  Willing to do anything for a piece of land.  A little whiny, but never gives up.  Tends to trust in her own abilities rather than God.  Although, our similarity ends at love interests.  None of hers would have interested me.

2.  Mrs. Jennings, Sense and Sensibility.  Generosity that spills over into being too open about matters of the heart, rollicking sense of humor, handles wealth with aplomb (if given the chance, I am sure I could do the same), dislikes loud balls when it’s too hot, always shows concern (“Does she care for olives?”) in ways that probably aren’t very helpful, but she is sincere.

3.  Miss Pross, A Tale of Two Cities.  Fiercely loyal and orderly.  A perfect foil for the Madame DeFarge’s of the world. And a mommacrocodile!

4. Madame Magloire, housekeeper to Monseigneur Bienvenu, Les Miserables.  Fiercely loyal to the Bishop. She wants to be as charitable and Godlike as he, but still worries about things like the silver and criminals sleeping in the same house as she.  She’ll go along with whatever the Bishop wants out of love and faith, but worries about it.  She still needs someone like the Bishop to remind her that the silver wasn’t theirs to begin with.

5. Mrs. Fezziwig, A Christmas Carol.  I really do like to have fun and I love to share.

And finally, the one (actually three) literary characters with whom I most resonate.

A combination of mostly Merryweather, Flora and Fauna

I really channel these crazy fairies with gusto, especially Merryweather.  I actually sew and bake about as good as Flora and Fauna, too. Watch the video below and you will know me almost as well as my family does!